Having a day

You know when you have a day where everything seems panicky and at any moment the world could come crashing down. I’m there. I just feel like I have all this inside me and any direction I turn it burns. Work is what it is. Life is what it is.

You know that’s bullshit. Work is hard right now. We need more clients and it’s slow going. Every day is a battle. It’s hard. Money is always an issue.
Life is hard right now too. I have gained weight and I don’t feel comfortable in my skin or that I deserve to have love and that’s a gross place to be in. Money is always an issue.
I have been thinking a lot about as I age and what am I going to do. My backup plan isn’t really in place and I’m not exactly earning enough to be putting away gobs of money for the future. Normally, I would wave that off but now it weighs on me.

I know intellectually that this too will pass and life will be easier but right now it all seems very hard and it’s stressing me out.