Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s tomorrow and I’m happily single so not really expecting anything dramatic. That said, I think I have come up with the way I can be happy romantically and I like that solution. It’s a little non-traditional so I’d rather not discuss publically but I think it will work. We shall see and I’ll let you know if it changes.

What is going on with me. I’m boring really. Working. Going home, making dinner, watching a little TV and uh talking to Y. and then sleep. It’s kind of repetitive but overall I am happier than I have been in a while. I also experimented and gave up my drug Wellbutrin. It was good for depression but not for anxiety and was making me anxious. I have found that after the drug was out of my system the lack of anxiety was higher than any depression, I felt. I still kept it in case I go off the rails. But it just has been a rough ride with the anxiety and now with it down, I’m like wheeeeee. I feel more like my old self. I have been watching it and making sure no depression sneaks up and so far so good. I might be a little more snarky but that was probably needed. hahahaha.

We went and checked out 24 hour fitness yesterday…little “fitness bro” up in there but as an alternative to the YMCA which is hell and gone for us now, it’s a great solution and only two minutes from the house. R. likes it because he can go sauna and hot tub. At any hour of the day. We like it for the fitness machines and groups workout classes. I also like their lap pool. I love to swim.