Not Much to Say but Everything

Lately I have this debate in my head. I want to rail against the unfairness and ineptitude of our incoming El Cheeto and his policies. I want to scream at the helplessness I feel. But I have nowhere really to do this. My FB wall is covered and I mean covered in people doing the ranting and on both sides. I have a group of friends (less so now) from High School who are predominantly conservative. I have a group of friends from College and on who think very much like me. This has led to me reading things and getting so mad that I have to leave the site. And there are things to be done – calling representatives and walks and protests. Lots of activity but I feel just like right now no one is listening. The incoming El Cheeto isn’t going to see these things as a constituency unhappy with his choices but will see it as a few dissenters barking in the corner. So the debate is not whether to speak up or not, it’s more about what to do that will help me feel like a real impact is being made. I sigh more listening to the news than I ever did with Shrub was president and El CHeeto isn’t even in the fucking office yet. Le Sigh.