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Not Much to Say but Everything

Lately I have this debate in my head. I want to rail against the unfairness and ineptitude of our incoming El Cheeto and his policies. I want to scream at the helplessness I feel. But I have nowhere really to do this. My FB wall is covered and I mean covered in people doing the ranting and on both sides. I have a group of friends (less so now) from High School who are predominantly conservative. I have a group of friends from College and on who think very much like me. This has led to me reading things and getting so mad that I have to leave the site. And there are things to be done – calling representatives and walks and protests. Lots of activity but I feel just like right now no one is listening. The incoming El Cheeto isn’t going to see these things as a constituency unhappy with his choices but will see it as a few dissenters barking in the corner. So the debate is not whether to speak up or not, it’s more about what to do that will help me feel like a real impact is being made. I sigh more listening to the news than I ever did with Shrub was president and El CHeeto isn’t even in the fucking office yet. Le Sigh.

Keep it Up

I think I will continue writing here. I like the time it takes for me to come over and say something, even if it’s rarely pithy and funny. I just like the outlet and forget how much my life sometimes can be in my brain versus out and among the living.

NYE was mellow. We had about 11 people over, way too much food and booze for everyone but it seemed like everyone had a good time. There was no PARTY like years of past but for where we are it seemed just about perfect. Wish some of our far-flung Tribers would be there but life does not always accommodate my whininess. Hahahaha.

M and W have moved back to Texas and I love love love that they are now only three hours away in Smithville. I can jaunt down when I feel like it and they can come up when they feel like it. It is no longer a “TRIP” it’s just a little drive.

NYE and resolutions. I resolved to make less resolutions and more goals. And I’m starting lightly cause I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I suspect that I will be giving up bread again this year but didn’t want to make it all austerity and no fun right off the bat. So I started with working out three times a week at least 30 minutes. We did Monday and then will have Wednesday/Thursday as well. I suspect that as I get going the food will fall in line. I also want to ween off all the soda (Diet Drinks) and move to bubble water. This will require me stocking the work fridge with bubble water but I think I can do it. See that doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Well crap! I missed some days.

Oops. Apparently, my weekend lack of posts traveled into the new week. The week before Christmas and rather than wait for the cash, I put most of Christmas on credit. Which sucks but you do what you have to do in the big world of adults. I just get tired of waiting until the 24th to do all my shopping. I did get all the things I wanted though and that makes me happy. I love giving gifts. I think it’s one of my love languages.

Dj Saltina

So there is holiday party my roomie is throwing at one of her centers for the disabled. I got put in charge of the music, and so I have my playlist all ready with Holiday Cheer and classic fun. I couldn’t put my usuals cause there were some language issues, so it’s just the classic boogie tunes. Here is the link in case you wanted to view it.

Spent the weekend in Smithville

Moni and Wick moved to Smithville and we have spent the last few weekends off and on over the last few months helping getting their home together.  We helped build a deck or two,  moved their things into storage and home. And whatever else they needed. This weekend we actually got to do our normal fun things  we went into Bastrop for the Wine swirl and then did the Wine and Paint. We had so much fun! We even went exploring around today. I feel better knowing Moni is back in town (or close enough to it).

Up and At Em

Heading to Smithville today to see Wick and Moni for the weekend.  To that end, I got up at 8 and have been nailing email ever since then.  Taking care of bidness and making sure everything that needs to be done is done.

After depression comes the uncomfortable

Last night I cried myself to sleep.

And before you ask, I went to the pharmacy and got my Meds so I am back on all of them but it will take a day or so to get them in my system.

Anyway back to my hard night. I didn’t do much Saturday but one of my roommates was ina bad mood and it seeped into my night.

So codependent of me to let someone’s mood affect me so but it did and does. It continued to the next day and all day I have had that on my mood. I want to make it all better and I can’t in this case. Really in any case.

So in my existential hole, worried about money, the target of a moody roommate and alone with my thoughts.