Whininess BE GONE

I have been such a little whiny whinester lately. I just reread everything and it’s like waa waa waa. Sure there are some difficulties lately and that has led to stress but ultimately life is what happens when you are waiting for the bigger stuff to happen and I need to live that life of in between. The grateful life of someone who has amazing friends and a tribe, who has a cherished family who are all healthy and thriving and a business that is growing. That’s big stuff and sometimes you have to step back and say THANK YOU for those things Universe/Creater/Spirit in the Sky.

Self-care is the first step in getting my groove back and I have been deep in the misery of weight gain and self-indulgence lately. DEEP. Spike and I had a mental conversation this morning and it went like this:

Spike: I’ve been meaning to tell you your ass is getting big
Me: Big. Now, Spike, that is kind of rude to say.
Spike: Well I didn’t say it was bad but you just don’t feel like you are comfortable in your skin anymore.
Me: Point taken.
Spike: I just want the best for you and when you are not comfortable ain’t no one comfortable. So get out and move some more and get body happy again.
Me: You are so smart.