Early Hollidailies

Going to try and write here for a bit.  Deep thoughts going on in my brain:

  • If I don’t have a partner (not complaining/don’t really want one) and my goals seem sort of “get through the week” what exactly am I doing?  What am I building toward?  I don’t feel stuck per se.  But I don’t have a kid to get through school, I don’t have a partner that I am building a future with.  I kind of feel a little lost in the ocean of what does it all matter/mean.  And I’m not depressed (I have self-analyzed that already).  I just am looking for the deeper meaning, I am meant to do here on earth.  I would hate to slide into home base and only lived, not really lived for, if that makes sense.
  • Loved loved loved seeing Carla and Christine both in one year.  Miss them and our connection terribly.  Reminded me so much of that time where we were all together and it was spirited discussion and laughter and clearing rooms.  Much love much love.
  • I think President-Elect Trump’s (just threw up in my mouth a little) secret service nickname is El Cheeto.
  • I have been in a funk ever since El Cheeto was elected.  The news makes me sigh and the people he has emboldened both at the personal, State and Federal level makes my head hurt.
  • I drink too much diet soda.  I have gained weight that I don’t have a huge desire to lose right now.  Both seem to bother me at a level somewhere but not enough to change them.
  • Spike has aged into the period of time where (he’s 18) the social contract on my food versus his food has broken down.  I spend dinners shoving his snout off of my plate. Not just sitting there licking the air like normal, nooooooooo, he has gone full snout in on my plate.  I eat in the kitchen most days.

That’s enough of the slice of life.  I really am not depressed.  Just sort of resigned.