Holidailies 2000-2004 Style

The lovely Hauself has revived these for all of December and since I am such a sucker for ze Haus, I am doing it.   With recent communication back up, I realized how much I missed the Tribe of old.  This is not to say I don’t thoroughly enjoy Tribe as it is now.  But old-school Tribe is where I came into my authentic self for the first time.  These people embraced it and helped shape me and just a minor chat/conversation on Facebook, IM or Skype and I remember how much and how deeply I am integrated with them all.  Listening to all the of the life things that have transpired - babies, marriages, adoptions, divorces (mainly mine) and moves – I realize that we are all in transit but there is a core piece of these people that move with me as I traverse life.  I just have to remember to reach out.  To talk.  To listen.  To be in their presence physically and mentally and life makes a little bit more sense.

And just to make you laugh – I am doing Chinese Meds again.  There has been no Pootin’ in Luton but he has been able to give me the first three or four weeks in a year without pain.  That is major.  He is also working on some core pieces that I have squeezed and shut down.  As they open, I realize how much my mind/body connection is not in play in this area.  I have been looking into meditation or techniques to help with that.  So far all I have is trying to “relax” that region and having the beginnings of a panic attack. Sooooo….lots of work to be done there.

Not to be vague.  But part of the core issue I have is in my stomach/belly region both with gluten and with other associated pain.  He is pointing out that’s where I hide my body issues, my stress, my nervousness and where I protect with clothes/food and clamping down muscles.   He is releasing part of it physically but when he does that the mental stuff comes FLOOOODING back in majorly.  So it’s a process.

I forgot how much blogging is a conversation and I feel like this is a love letter to my peeps.  Perhaps that’s a better way to think of it.  If that’s the case I must end with Sparkler’s famous line.

Yours in Christ / Sexy Kisses,


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  1. YES to the process! Interested in hearing more about the Chinsese med stuff & how it is helping your pain.

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