Well that was quick…

Sorry about the very impressive one day run on posts.  This week was so intense in both good and bad ways.  Not sure if many of you know R. and I started a business in 2013.  It has done better than I could of ever hoped.  We are growing and our reputation is doing well and our services are valued.  On top of that we have clients who “get” us and it feels very satisfying and authentic.  After having 13 years of a business that no matter how hard I worked, or what magical thinking I produced, I was always the one holding the bag, clients were not happy and neither was I.  This is so different and awesome.  And I can honestly say, there are very few days, I don’t want to go to the office and get it going!!!

So this week, we got to meet and pitch a top member of a company who asked us to do specific company wide pricing so she can recommend people use us.  This company is THE largest company in America who would use our services.  It was big.  We also got a kudos from the President of another company that has been our foundational client.  We started with them.  They believed in our philosophy, we helped change the culture at the company, it has born fruit for this company and we were able to make our Sponsor in the company look VERY good and solidify our reputation with one document/email that was perfectly timed.  This has been a 2+ year process and it just was satisfying at one of the deepest levels to see it come full circle.  We also got to finally pitch another company that could be come much larger.  This has been an ongoing process for months and we finally got in.  IT WENT really well.  They want pricing, they want to see what other deals we can help.  Our new sales guy got to see and he is so excited to be moving forward.

The bad?  We had what all small companies have.  A cash flow situation.  Google (who we advertise with) has been fishing in our bank account and hit us hard in a short amount of time.  We also changed some billing timing and it hit at the same time.  We had a meeting with our board and I was like if this a OLD COMPANY type situation, I need to know because I’m out.  My board pointed out that OLD COMPANY never had ongoing, recurring revenue and looked at our receivables and said we are fine.  They gave us some things to change and strategies that seemed really dead on.  R and I got right on it and it’s already better but it was a very stressful few days.  If I think about it, OLD COMPANY never had to have these issues because old company was always robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Anyways he said this happens to all companies, we just never got there before and that this is a growth situation and we can fix it.  My favorite part.  We didn’t even ask for a bridge loan or anything like that.  That felt good.  By Friday we were back into the swing of things.

NOTHING makes me more PTSDy than to look at the accounts and see nothing in them.  Or to have one of those, we are waiting on checks type of conversations.

In other news, I went back to my Chinese Dude and Acupuncturist.  He was very pleased with how things are moving around in my system.  He said most systems resist but mine needs a little push and it will move.  In other ways, he said my will power is impressive.  SHOCK FACE.  I said it’s not will power.  It’s stubbornness.  He said at my level he usually sees systems in disarray but mine is collecting and it’s like it’s gearing up for the fight.  I don’t now if any of this makes sense but it did to me yesterday.  He opened my Spleen channel.  And then the hard part.  He has to do needles in like the MOST vulnerable areas.  Starting at my breast bone, done into my belly button region.  It’s like moving my rolls around and having them sit waving in the air open to the world.  If you want to know the MOST vulnerable place on me, that is it.  I don’t enjoy people touching me there, I protect it with clothing and I always have it gripped tightly in muscles to make it shrink.  And we had that wide open with needles and maneuvering and touching.  Laying there, I have to use every technique to not panic and run from the room.  I know it’s completely tied into my stomach issues I’m having so I’m doing deep breathing and letting this area be worked on.  At one point yesterday I felt my arms start to shake and I had to breathe in and say the mantra in my head – yes this feels vulnerable, let it come, feel it, just be in that feeling for a moment.

It’s odd to be 44 and find this HUGE mind/body disconnect completely connected to my molestation at 7 and related to so many body feelings AND oh by the way every point he has a needle in me are the points where it hurts when I eat gluten, when I’m nervous or when I have gastro-intestional issues.  HMMMM I wonder if this is connected – she said naively.  It’s been there all along like a big flaring button and I missed it.  Or ignored it.  Anyways it’s open now and this is why I let a man poke needles in me and touch places I usually don’t let lovers touch.

Sorry for the lack of posts but this was my week.

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