Is it a small depression setting in?

I’m debating it.  I don’t think so, but it’s got some undercurrent to it.

I like things to be a bit known.  Not that you can control everything but I’m feeling the tug of discontent and the unknown.  My former partner situation isn’t resolving.  My current work situation is just a job and not sure financially it’s going to support me.  I am seeing several people dating wise and while it’s fun, it’s also sort of disconcerting because I’m not sure even what I want exactly and so it’s a feeling my way process which is even more disconcerting.

So much unknown.  So many shoulds, maybes and what-ifs.  I find myself in the morning, not exactly jumping out of the bed to face the day.  I find myself wanting a nap when I get home.  The process where I start to pull-back feels like it’s happening again.  I should probably up my meds a titch but it’s just something for me to think about.