The News Depresses Me

Every time I hear about another thing that El Cheeto did that violates what I believe to be right, I sigh.  I can’t look away.   Lately, I take my phone with me to bed to listen to my ebook but as I dose I check the news.  It is just infuriating and sad to me that half of the population is behind this clown.  He is so ridiculous that it’s hard to be supportive of those that I love that support him.  For them, it’s about the taxes and the pro-business stance he has.  For me, it’s that he is not going to “change” the swamps of DC other than to bring in conservative, and even some alt-right people in, allow my rights as a woman to be violated, encourage violence and hate and embarrass us as a nation in the world political scene.  We. Look. Like. Idiots.

I am part of the Pantsuit Nation and even have it on my news feed at a hyper-local level.  I read the inspiring and the sad and sigh.  It’s going to be a long long four years.

One thought on “The News Depresses Me

  1. There is some consolation in knowing that it is not half the population it is less than a quarter. And while I am angry at people I know who voted for him. I am more angry at people I know who don’t vote at all. I’m angry at the media for enabling him and giving him a pass in order to increase their ratings and profit. I’m angry at the misogyny that still blankets our culture so thickly and unabashedly. Anger=Action. I am paying for media sources that stand up to him. I am cancelling/not visiting those who don’t. I’ve joined the Women’s Equality party here in the UK and DiEM25. We are not going away just because the tide changed. In fact we must show up stronger than ever before.

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