Week In Between

Not even sure that is a phrase. We are in the week in between. Sounds foreign to my ears. But that’s where we are. That week when people are still taking off for the holiday and some people are in and working from home (me) but some are just out. It’s very relaxing for me as I get to just play it by ear. Get things done from home but also work so clients are happy. Wheeeeee.

R. and B. got home from New Orleans last night and they are beat. Both just want to sleep and I was super proud to show them the house I had worked on all day yesterday. I am pretty sure my changes were so deep that they didn’t notice them. I have decluttered a bit, added a few pictures, deep cleaned the kitchen and the breakfast nook and washed dog bedding. I still have to go get some light bulbs and have the refrigerator, my room and the bathroom to deep clean. I also want to go get a new fire pit so on NYE we can have somewhere to burn our wishes. Lots to do in the land of the adult.

Ethiopian Food

My friend James and I went to eat Ethiopian food last night. Previously I had only been to Queen of Sheba but we went to Lalibela last night. While a little more earthy still very good. As we left we counted and found no less than four Ethiopian restaurants in the vicinity. Which now we will have to try. Along with the Flaming Cheese Greek restaurant which was in the mix. We commented we must be in Little Ethiopia in Dallas. Yay. I love having ethnic food enclaves in my city.

I love love love ethnic food restaurants and probably why James and I have been friends for so long, he does too. We are always the one couple that doesn’t fit in more places like that and it suits us fine.

Oh an article on it.

Well crap! I missed some days.

Oops. Apparently, my weekend lack of posts traveled into the new week. The week before Christmas and rather than wait for the cash, I put most of Christmas on credit. Which sucks but you do what you have to do in the big world of adults. I just get tired of waiting until the 24th to do all my shopping. I did get all the things I wanted though and that makes me happy. I love giving gifts. I think it’s one of my love languages.

Dj Saltina

So there is holiday party my roomie is throwing at one of her centers for the disabled. I got put in charge of the music, and so I have my playlist all ready with Holiday Cheer and classic fun. I couldn’t put my usuals cause there were some language issues, so it’s just the classic boogie tunes. Here is the link in case you wanted to view it.

Whininess BE GONE

I have been such a little whiny whinester lately. I just reread everything and it’s like waa waa waa. Sure there are some difficulties lately and that has led to stress but ultimately life is what happens when you are waiting for the bigger stuff to happen and I need to live that life of in between. The grateful life of someone who has amazing friends and a tribe, who has a cherished family who are all healthy and thriving and a business that is growing. That’s big stuff and sometimes you have to step back and say THANK YOU for those things Universe/Creater/Spirit in the Sky.

Self-care is the first step in getting my groove back and I have been deep in the misery of weight gain and self-indulgence lately. DEEP. Spike and I had a mental conversation this morning and it went like this:

Spike: I’ve been meaning to tell you your ass is getting big
Me: Big. Now, Spike, that is kind of rude to say.
Spike: Well I didn’t say it was bad but you just don’t feel like you are comfortable in your skin anymore.
Me: Point taken.
Spike: I just want the best for you and when you are not comfortable ain’t no one comfortable. So get out and move some more and get body happy again.
Me: You are so smart.

My head hurts

Listening to an audio book and working on Audits.  My head hurts.  This should be some song of mopiness.

Oh my head hurts like a banging
let the hurt ring, ring
the lights are low and it throbs
let the pain bring, bring

Fuck it. I’m going to get some aspirin.

Monday Someday

It’s been one of those Mondays when some things went really well (Schrodinger’s Mailbox) and it’s still not enough.  Just when I think we are making traction other bills come in and snatch it.   Sometimes it is an uphill battle and some days it’s awesome running our own company.